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Too much to do?

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

This morning I ran a networking workshop helping business owners to focus on their sales & marketing. 

Part of the session was exploring what delegates find most challenging about marketing, and for most of the people in the room, the key challenges in a nutshell are:  There's too much to do, not sure what to do first, and not enough time to do it all! 

If your To Do list is never ending, and some items never seem to disappear, then drastic action is needed…

Here is a basic time management tip – apply the Five D's Rule:

Take your To Do list, get everything written on it and apply one of the 5 D's below:

Do it – if it takes less than 5 minutes

Delegate it – who else is quicker and smarter at completing this?

Dump it – has it been on your list for more than 6 months? If it IS important, diarise it or explore what stopping you from dealing with it.

Defer it – put it on your long term To Do list, and re-assess in 3 months.

Diarise it – be realistic with how long it will take, if necessary break it down into small actions.

Rename your To Do list, to become the 'Will Do' list. This daily list should only contain the 2 or 3 important tasks that you WILL complete by the end of the day.

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