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Powerful Goal Setting Questions

Friday, January 14th, 2011

Have you set your goals yet for this year?

Would you like to make them more compelling, more realistic, achievable and motivating?

If the answer is a resounding YES, apply these nine questions/conditions to each of your desired outcomes. They are called ‘Well formed conditions’ based on NLP principles and will transform the way you feel and approach your goals.

1.  State your outcome in the positive – what do you want? (rather than what you DON’T want)

2. How will you know when you have achieved or succeeded in attaining your outcome?

3. Where, when and with whom do you want this outcome?

4. What resources do you have to help you achieve this outcome?

5. Can you start and maintain this outcome? How much is within your control?

6. What are the wiser consequences? How will it impact on those around you?

7. Is this outcome in keeping with your sense of self, who you are?

8. How do your outcomes fit together? What might stop you achieving this?

9. What’s the first step towards achieving this?

If you would like some help to explore these questions and to uncover what might stop you achieving your goals, call me for a free consultation on 01628 488042