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Who are you listening to?

Monday, December 12th, 2011

Once upon a time there was a group of frogs who decided to hold a climbing competition.


The goal was to reach the top of the Eiffel Tower. A huge crowd gathered to watch the contest and cheer on the frogs. When the race began, everyone started shouting words of encouragement. 


As they got higher and higher up the tower, calls of encouragement turned to cries of warning…

"Be careful, you might fall, it's too high…"


One by one, the frogs gave up and returned to the safety of solid ground. A few brave frogs kept going, still wary of the distance below and the receding cries from the crowd "You're not going to make it, be careful…."


More frogs gave up, except for one frog. He kept on going, higher and higher. He refused to give in. His heart was pumping,his little legs were aching, but he just kept on climbing, one step at a time.


Cheers broke out as he finally reached the top. He had made it! He looked down at the crowd below proudly and smiled. The other frogs and spectators couldn't wait to find out how he managed it.

 At the top of the tower, there was a ceremony with a special Golden Frog Award. The winning frog was asked "How did you keep going to the top, when all the others gave up?" 


The frog looked confused – he couldn't hear the question. He was deaf.



When life gets tough, it's easy to be influenced by those around you. To live your life by their fears, and their beliefs of what is, and what isn't possible.



Who do you need to surround yourself with, to keep you going on your journey to the top?